Can you dive with asthma?

Diving, also called SCUBA diving is an adventurous underwater. Nowadays more and more recreational diving, especially to find out what has to offer the underwater world. Since diving is a sport with risks, it is important that you are healthy. The probability of death in diving is about 40 times larger than the potential for death at a soccer or water-skiing. Often you must first be approved by a diving doctor or a sports doctor before you start with your certification. If you go scuba diving is requested, include many of your lungs. For people with asthma, a chronic inflammation of the airways, therefore it is extra risky. Although there used to be a total dive ban for people with asthma, it has become now more flexible. Under certain conditions, people with asthma may still sink.

Beautiful Woman Scuba Diving

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Food style: The street food in Vietnam

Asia is full of culinary surprises, provided that we have the curious taste buds. In Vietnam, the cuisine is characterized by its diversity but also its practice. Indeed, eating on the street, on the go, is something daily. The stands of “street food” as they are called, are at every corner, and they are a must when traveling.

What do we eat on a street in Asia?


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How to remove acne scars?


Your teen buttons let you on the face scars? Do not panic, there are cosmetic treatments that help fade the marks. Following is our guide.

“Every time my eyes met a mirror, the ugly word came to my mouth. The small holes had obsessed me on the face. Today, after several laser sessions at the dermatologist, I can see them almost faded over. ”

Pauline, 20, student, suffered from severe acne for 15 years. Prone to red spots, more inflammatory than blackheads or micro cysts, it has preserved scars on the cheeks. Fortunately, after a year of treatment, she estimated that about 70% of the irregularities present on her face have faded. A very good result when knowing that it is “impossible to remove 100% all the scars,” said Dr. Jean-Michel Mazer, dermatologist, medical director of the Laser Skin Centre International.

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Strollers and Aircraft: How?

First, be aware that most airlines allow you to embark with a stroller free (although usually with another accessory, in this case the two bunkers in!).


Please note we are talking about only stroller, this does not include your pod and / or shell in case you have a baby or nacelle shell that counts for 2 items.

Put a stroller in the cargo hold of the airplane: how is this happening?

If your baby stroller is not a cane stroller, you will not have a choice and you have to put your stroller in the hold! Strollers 3 wheels, 4 wheels with bag underneath oversized strollers, too heavy (more than 5kg) etc, will all join the bunkers!

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How to choose your sportswear?

Appearance is important, so are other factors. What to consider when choosing your sportswear?

  1. Taking care of your chest


Whether it’s the activity concerned, the golden rule is to give good support for your breasts. With no muscles, they lean on the chest. You must consider several factors: the nature of the exercise, low, medium or high impact, and the size of the bra cups. If not notice this aspect, breasts will jump and end up with pain.

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Four ideas for the festive table

Actually you do not need them at all, says Goran Djukic. “It’s always a party when you spend time with people who are  worthy and important ” He’s right. But when the table on the occasion is full of atmosphere, it is twice as nice. The White Djukic as a co-owner of Love Home services from Frankfurt said that “In addition, a good meal and a fine wine from the corresponding dishes simply taste a lot better”,and also “Good things do not have to be expensive.”

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About us

This Blog is a health and beauty blog which is dedicated to the digital transformation of the world of health. It aims to share with you news and information collected according to my readings and my experts.

Health is understood in this blog in its broadest sense, as defined by the WHO:

Health is a state of complete physical wellbeing, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Therefore, topics will be all topics related to fitness, diet, natural beauty, disease, medicine, etc. It is also suitable for the general public or health professionals.

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Advantages Of An Electric Fireplace Insert Over A Traditional Fireplace

Nowadays, electric fireplace inserts have gained popularity thanks to many benefits they provide. Using them does not mean that you have to forgot your traditional fireplace: just fit the device into your existing fireplace to use and take it out when you prefer real fire. As electric fireplace inserts and pre-existing traditional fireplaces are related, comparison naturally arises. So what are advantages of an electric fireplace insert over the traditional fireplace that make people want to opt for an electric fireplace instead?

Electric Fireplace Insert Over A Traditional Fireplace

1. It is more eco-friendly

Unlike gas or wood burning fireplaces, electric fireplace inserts are powered by electricity. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about harmful effects of smokes or emissions into the air.  These days, people become more and more concerned about the environment; so it is a natural choice to go green by using an electric fireplace insert instead of a traditional fireplace.

2. It is safer

An electric fireplace insert has a clear advantage over a traditional fireplace: it ensures better safety. Most electric fireplace inserts have automatic shut-off features which make sure that overheating will not occur. This is very important when you have to leave the room for some business: you can just leave the device there with no worry. On the contrary, it is dangerous to leave a burning traditional fireplace unattended. Gas leak, fire spreading around, explosion…who can foresee the extent of damage and injury when such situation occurs?

No smoke and emission mean it is safer for people’s health to use an electric fireplace insert. Also, its surface is cool enough to touch, so you will be more at ease about possible burning or injuries, especially when children are playing around it.

3. It is more cost-efficient

Installing and operating a traditional fireplace are both expensive. You have to prepare wood or other fuel and need a space to store these materials as well. You have to clean up the chimney by yourself (which is really hard work) or have someone else to it for you. Periodic inspection is also required to make sure no cracks or leaks in the chimney. Taking out ashes must be done frequently.

With an electric fireplace insert, you just need to fit it into an existing fireplace and plug it into the appropriate electric outlet. And because it runs on electricity, you don’t have to stock wood or fuel anymore. Admittedly, you have to pay for the electric bill and an electric fireplace insert costs about as much as a space heater; however you don’t have to worry that your bill shoots up suddenly if you don’t turn on your device with heat 24 hours a day.

There is no chimney to clean or ashes to remove. Maintenance does not cost you much; mostly it is about basic cleaning or changing the light bulbs. It is ideal for those who are busy and don’t have much time to spend on cleaning.

When you use electric fireplace insert for zone heating instead of heating up your whole house, it works really efficiently.

4. It has longer lifespan

Electric fireplace inserts are considered to last longer than traditional fireplace because they suffer from less corrosion.  Since it is easy to maintain them, they can remain visually appealing even after many years.

5. It is more convenient to use

Using an electric fireplace insert is easy. The temperature is adjustable and you can even do so without having to come close to the fireplace insert. Everything can be ready at your finger tip with the remote control. It is not just the temperature you can control: you can change flame speed, brightness….as you wish. With a traditional fireplace, you may have to come close and bend down frequently to check out and adjust the fire if you want to obtain the desired temperature.

In addition, an electric fireplace insert can be used all year round. You can opt to use the device with or without heat; therefore even if you want to enjoy the dancing flame in summer, it is fine. This make an electric fireplace insert a nice decorative item in your room.

6. It is portable

Obviously, portability is not something a traditional fireplace can offer since it is designed to be a permanent feature in the room. On the other hand, an electric fireplace insert is easier to carry around. If you want to use it in a different fireplace, at your friend’s house perhaps, just take it out and bring it with you to that location.

That being said, the traditional fireplace has its own distinctive features. People may prefer real flame than the flame effects created by the electric fireplace inserts. It can’t be denied, however, that electric fireplaces are superior when it comes to health and environment issues.

Find more 5 types of Electric Fireplace here:

5 Things You Should Know About Tens Unit Electrodes

Tens Unit Electrodes

In transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) treatment for pain relief, electric signals are transmitted from the device (known as TENS unit) through electrodes placed on the skin surface to the nerves under the skin. If you don’t use these electrodes properly, your body can experience discomfort or pain even though the signals are generally mild and safe. Here are 5 things you should know about electrodes in the TENS unit:

1. Where to put or not put the electrodes?

Where to put or not put the electrodes

This is one of the most basic concerns of users when applying TENS treatment. In knowing where and how to place the electrodes, you should consider the following matters:

  • Identifying the kind of pain you are having and where it is. In order to maximize the effect of treatment, you should place the electrodes around the area where you feel painful. If you feel painful in a small area, place the electrodes on either side of the pain.  For larger pain area, line up the electrodes along the pain, especially at the start and end point of the pain.
  • Always place the electrodes on healthy skin
  • Never place electrodes on the following areas to avoid harmful effects:
    • Heart
    • Eyes
    • Mouth
    • Throat
    • Temples
    • Numb areas
    • Front or side of neck
    • Sensitive, irritated skin area or where there are cuts, even if the cuts are healing

2. How to use the electrodes properly?

How to use the electrodes properly

  • Always use clean, dry electrodes and replaced damaged ones prior to using.
  • The number of electrodes used depends on the area and level of pain. Normally, two electrodes (one channel) or four electrodes (two channels) are used in one area of pain; four electrodes are applied in case of large or widespread pain.
  • The distance from one electrode to another counts: You should avoid two much electric signals transmitted to one small area; that why electrodes should never touch. In fact, they should be at least one inch apart from each other. Take note that this distance can affect the effectiveness of the electrodes
  • There is no optimal setting of electric signal applied for everyone. Each person’s condition and sensitiveness is different. Start with low setting when you get a tingling feeling and slowly increase the electric current until you feel a strong but comfortable sensation. When your body adjusts to the effect, slightly increase the setting to maintain the strength and comfort experienced from the signal. If the setting is too high, your body will feel uncomfortable; your muscles may twitch. On the other hand, if the signal is too weak, treatment will not be effective. Remember the setting that works for you and maintain it.  Turn off the TENS unit while you adjust the setting.

3. Why electrodes don’t stick?

There can be several reasons:

  • You place them over a joints, perhaps your knees or elbows, when you move around: electrodes may not stick well for long due to movement
  • You apply the electrode on the skin area that is not clean or dry enough: It is important to clean and dry the skin properly before using the TENS unit.
  • You don’t clean or hydrate the reusable electrodes prior to using them. If there are residues such as skin oil on the electrode surface, use a soft, moist cloth to wipe them away you can even use a toothbrush on the flat surface. Rub just a little water (one drop or two) on the gel surface to make sure surface is hydrated
  • The electrodes are worn out and over-saturation occurs: normally they retain moisture from perspiration or the surrounding environment. If you add too much water in an attempt to re-hydrate the gel surface, you can also cause over-saturation.
  • Adhesive dries out.

4. How to maintain the electrodes?

The usual life-span of self-adhesive electrodes is around 3-6 weeks; how long these electrodes last depends on my factors such as: humidity, skin type. The following tips can be helpful to prolong their life-span:

  • Even if you use the TENS unit all day, electrodes must be replaced at least once. In fact, you should rotate them every 4-6 hours to avoid saturation. This is especially important when the surrounding environment is hot or humid.
  • After treatment is over, use soapy water to remove the gel from the electrodes, dry them off and store them in a cool, dry, place. You can also put them in a plastic packing and store in the refrigerator to remove excess humidity.

5. Are electrodes safe for the skin

In general, electrodes of the TENS unit are considered hypoallergenic and therefore safe for the skins. However, there are reported cases of allergy or skin irritation. If you experience such symptom, stop using the TENS unit and consult the therapist.

To avoid your skin from getting sore or red from the treatment, take these two simple tips:

  • If you use the TENS unit all days or several times consecutively, don’t put electrodes at the same skin area. Choose a different spot for each time of treatment.
  • Protect your skin by apply lotion or creams on it after the treatment is over.

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Which brands of essential oils are the best?

You are the long-term essential oil users? Or you’re just a starter? And have you ever wonder which essential oils brands are providing the highest quality essential oils among variety of products on the market today? We sure you should consider this issue before purchasing essential oils. It is important because there are too many essential oils brands nowadays, and all of them tell that they sell the 100% pure essential oils. But we cannot know about that. Therefore, putting your trust in a popular and prestige brands is much better choice.

Choose the best essential oils company

Before suggesting you some of the best essential oil brands, we would like to introduce you a list of factors that you should consider when you evaluate an essential oil brand. Besides the quality of essential oils they make, it is also important to think about other factors such as price, service, the company’s reputation, etc.

Purity of essential oil

The essential oil is considered as 100% pure is the one only extracted from plant without adulteration and additives. These things not only lower the quality of essential oil but also can harm your body and your skin. However, some companies still add them into essential oil to reduce the production cost. Of course, as a customer, we cannot sure that whether this essential oil is 100% pure or not, because we cannot check it with our eyes. We can only find out its low quality after a long time use. That’s why we need to trust in reliable and reputed companies who are high-rated by other users.

The quality of the plant used to make essential oil

The plants used to make essential oil are very important to the quality. The impact of too much chemical components used to grow the plants can reduce the integrity of essential oil. So you need to figure out the origin of the plants. It means it is better to choose the brands that are clear about where the plants come from or how they grow the plants. It is the best to choose the companies using plants from sustainable growers who can provide high-quality and personal-cared plants.


Essential oils are not really unaffordable if comparing to its amazing benefits. However, each essential oil has different price, depending on the material. It is certain that because essential oils are not expensive, you do not need to care about the price. But you should remember, the higher prices of essential oil can be the result of the high production cost that the manufacturer pay for the best quality essential oil (for example using the innovative technology to distil oils, taking the plants from the best farms, or producing the super pure essential oils,…).


For convenience of purchasing, you should choose the company with great customer service. Also, they should have professional websites to guide how to use essential oil for the best results and have a clear introduction of each essential oil they sell.

Top best essential oil brands:

1. Young Living

Young Living essential oils


Young Living is a popular essential oil provider headquartered in Utah (USA) and has offices in many countries around the world. The most unique thing of this brand is that they have their own organic herb farm to produce essential oil. They control and carefully take care of every single process of making essential oil, from producing the seeds, cultivating and harvesting the plants to distilling essential oil from their own plants and bottling. Therefore, they assure that their essential oils are top-quality, natural, pure with the best therapeutic functions.

Their customer service is great because they built herb farm, factory with the most advanced distillery technology at USA, Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan and Singapore. Their prices of essential oils are quite expensive, comparing to other brands.


DōTERRA Essential oils

DōTERRA is an essential oil manufacturer established in 2008 by a group of healthcare and business professionals who share the same interest and experience about essential oil. The word DōTERRA in Latin means “Gift of the Earth”. They produce high-standard essential oils which meet the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol. Even though they do not build their own plant farm, they carefully choose the best plant sources from the best cultivator across the world. Also, they use a specific distillation process of low heat to make the best essential oils.

Their customer service is very good and their product’s prices are also reasonable.

3. Edens Garden

Edens Garden Essential oils

This USA company ensures the best quality and freshness of their essential oil by rotating the stock every 2 weeks, so that every oil received is brand new and fresh. Their essential oils are preserved in temperature sensitive room to guarantee their therapeutic values. They also bottle their essential oils in amber glass holders in order to ensure the light cannot damage the oil’s integrity and quality. Edens Garden uses organic plants for most of their essential oils, and ensures there are no chemicals, additives or fillers in their essential oils.

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5 Effective Ways to Help Children Increase Height

The height of children becomes more and more important and parents give priority to height over weight. All parents hope their children will be tall, especially for parents who unfortunately have modest height.

Providing enough daily calcium ensures the creation of bone mass and enhances the body’s movement. Lack of calcium of children slows the physical growth, limits the growth in height and is one of the risk factors of malnutrition.

trampoline for kids

Add vitamin D

Vitamin D (calciferol) plays an important role in metabolism and absorption of calcium and phosphorus for bone formation. There is a little vitamin D in natural food. 80% – 90% of the body’s vitamin D is synthesized by sun, the rest, about 10% -20% is supplied from food. Therefore, in order to provide enough vitamin D, remember to supplement vitamin D in food, sunbathing, or even to add vitamin D to the child.

Do exercise regularly

Bone cartilage is the main factor to form height of children. And for healthy bone development, doing exercise is the most essential thing. Parents should encourage children to exercise, exercise regularly every morning and evening. For children under 3 years old, parents can guide some simple movements like leg stretching, sit-ups and so on to stimulate the flexibility, resilient and “growing up” of the skeletal system. When the bones of children aged 5-6 Sturdy, parents should encourage children to play some sports such as basketball, swimming, jumping rope, bouncing to grow in height. A perfect exercise is jumping on Little Tikes Trampoline for your kids.

Regular exercise and sports have a very good effect on the development of physical and enhanced agile, durable and tough reaction. Parents need to encourage and create favorable conditions for children to exercise at least an hour per day.

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5 Tips to Have a Better Night’s Sleep

Your sleep may be interrupted for any reason. Take a look at the following ways to improve your sleep quality at night. Sleep is important because it really helps the body cope with stress. The body prepares for sleep at night by releasing melatonin in the blood, causing the body decrease temperature and alertness, gradually falling asleep.

massage chair

Meanwhile, during the day, light from the sun prevent melatonin production, so we awake and have less sleepiness. However, sometimes, for one reason such as fatigue, change in routines, traveling and so on it may cause a disruption or disturbance of the natural sleeping cycle.

A lucky thing is that a few simple tips can help you restore the sleeping cycle efficiently to ensure the best for your health.

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid processed foods 

This is very important because it will help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels and prevent problems affecting sleep. Also, avoid eating just before sleeping and if you want to drink something, choose the herbal teas like chamomile tea.

  1. Do yoga, practice breathing and meditate 

Yoga exercises, breathing exercises or meditation can help reduce stress and as a result you have a quiet and longer sleep. Yoga exercises for insomnia base on three factors: slow and deep breaths – practice the gentle posture – relax properly.

Slow deep breathing helps ventilate the lungs, provides more oxygen to the body, increases blood flow, helps massage the internal organs, provides copious amounts of blood to the heart, and neutralizes heart rhythm disorders and sleeplessness.

Implementation: Stand or sit in a chair, keep the back straight, don’t rely on the chair. First, breathe and exhale your belly to push out residual air in your lungs out, then slowly inhale and bulge belly. Inhale and exhale just base on the principle that gentle – slow – deep – well. Practice breathing deeply about 5-10 minutes, two – three times per day.

  1. Sleep 7-8 hours per day 

Maintain 7-8 hours of sleep cycles every day, including weekends. This means that you should not sleep on at the weekend although you crave to sleep. Maintaining this habit is good for the biological clock of the body, it will help you more alert during these hours which are not bedtime. The best massage chair offers the perfect evening wind-down that can help lead to a better night’s sleep. Continue reading